Woodlands MS Dress Code Policy

Woodlands MS Dress Code Policy
Posted on 07/29/2022

Woodlands Middle School Dress Code Policy

Shirts:  Any solid color collared shirt (logos may not be larger than a quarter).
    School club, activity, or spirit shirt.

Pants: Colors for all styles - khaki, denim, navy/blue, black, gray
• Materials for all styles - denim or twill
• Shorts/Skorts no shorter than fingertip length • Cargo pants/shorts/joggers must be made of denim or twill material. 


  • Must have a dress code top under jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, or sweaters at all times
  • Any solid color (logos may not be larger than a quarter)


BELTS: Appropriate length


  • Must be closed toe and closed heel
  • NO sandals, cleats, high heels, platforms, flip-flops, slippers, or other unsafe shoes

LANYARDS/ID’s: IDs must be worn and visible at all times on a school provided, grade-level colored lanyard around the student’s neck.
•Your first ID and lanyard are provided to you and you are responsible for the replacement if it is lost or altered. There are fees to replace IDs, holders, and lanyards. 


  • Spandex, nylon, thin see- through material, or stretch fabric clothing
  • Clothing with holes or cutouts in the fabric
  • Tops that expose the midriff
  • Tank tops, tops with cut- off sleeves, or spaghetti straps
  • Clothing that displays vulgar language or promotes alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substances
  • Clothing that is offensive (contains references to death, murder, gangs, profanity, etc.)
  • Caps, hats or sunglasses ( these items will be confiscated and returned only to  parents)
  • Bandanas, scarves, handkerchiefs, sports headbands, or items/accessories that could be a distraction or safety hazard for self and/or others. Scrunchies must be worn in  the hair only

All apparel must fit the student’s regular size and be worn in the manner for which it is designed

Additional Dress Code Guidelines 2022-2023
• When buying school clothes please adhere to the above unified dress code policy. This policy is in place to promote single school culture, safety, and equity for all students. It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure their student follows this policy as it was developed to allow flexibility in choosing preferred colors and styles to allow for individuality.
• Students NOT in dress code will be given the choice of borrowing clothing from the school or calling their parents to bring a change of clothes. We have a limited supply of items to borrow so the best choice is to come in dress code so parent calls aren’t required.
• Hats and hoods are NOT to be worn on campus.
• In the event of a medical issue (example - broken foot, surgery) please contact our school nurse so that exceptions can be made to the dress code.
• Cellphones, Earbuds/Headphones/Air Pods or any other electronic devices (other than your school issued Chromebook) are to only be used with permission and should be kept in a safe place in the students backpack at all times. Electronic devices are the responsibility of the student whether it personal or School District issued. Please refer to the Technology use agreement for additional information regarding School District issue electronic devices.
• FRIDAYS are AVID college shirt days. All students are encouraged to wear college shirts!
• Students who do not follow the Dress Code are subject to disciplinary action in alignment with the Student Code of Conduct.
• We are looking forward to an amazing year and the opportunities to have fun and reward students with breaks from the unified dress code. Details will be provided on those occasions.

  • Anything not specifically addressed in this dress code policy may not be worn. The final decisions regarding all dress code compliance issues will be made by the principal/designee