Woodlands Choice Application

Apply online through the Choice Programs Parent Dashboard
Visit www.mypbchoiceapp.com and submit your application. Make sure you get a confirmation of your submission. The deadline to apply is January 29, 2021.

If you wish to belong to more than one Woodlands academy, or apply for an in-house program that doesn't appear on your Smart Choice application...
We are aware that many students are interested in participating in more than one of our academies, if possible. In order to appropriately record the preferences of our applicants, please complete this form if any of these apply to you:

  • you have applied to more than one Woodlands MS program
  • you'd like to be considered for a Woodlands In-House academy (Pre-Medical) if assigned to our school via choice lottery or reassignment
  • you'd like to apply for our in-house academy (Pre-Medical) as your second choice

Note: If you wish to apply to only one Woodlands academy, this form is not needed. If you submitted a second Choice application to a program at another school, then this form should not be completed.  (This doesn't serve as an "extra" application, just as a way of clarifying your preferences.)

Please understand that there is no guarantee of admission to two academies for any student. Requests will be considered if space allows, and with equity to all first choice applicants.

We request this form to be submitted by February 5, 2021.